#2 – How The Pandemic Helped Us Develop The UK’s Best Pet Bed

At last…

We’re finally in a position to give you a bit of an update as to what’s been going on with Plushie Pet Beds!

Since the re-launch of our “Luxe Plush Pet Beds” in September last year, sales and feedback have been incredible! We even sold out of our Grey and Light Grey beds in all the larger sizes (medium, large and x-large)!

But then in January, disaster struck.

Just as we were about to start our next batch in production, our international supply chain had came crashing to a halt! Shipping costs into the UK had increased by 800%, caused by a combination of Covid-19 and Brexit-related issues.

Small companies that relied on international suppliers faced the difficult decision of either increasing costs to the consumer or putting everything on hold/closing down.

It was a critical time for us all. Sink or swim!

We went back to the drawing board and evaluated all possible options…we were hanging onto this by a string (luckily a very strong one)…


Made in Britain?

We looked at the key problem statement – “international shipping costs are too high”.

There was a simple solution…make the beds in Britain.

Let's take a look at some of the pros –

  • Reduce our carbon footprint - more environmentally friendly!
  • Support British suppliers
  • Source better quality materials = better quality beds
  • Increased control of production processes
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Bespoke / tailored options

The cons –

  • Increased production cost
  • UK production facility and storage

Above is just a sample of some of the points discussed but the split was still 80/20 in favour of doing it, it was a no-brainer. We got to work.

This pivot has been 10x more challenging than our previous one (going from drop-ship to the UK stored and supplied).

It’s been a huge part of our journey and a step I’m proud we’re making.


made in britain

 Made in Britain

Are the beds any different now?

I’m glad you asked.

In short, yes.

As mentioned, the feedback on our most recently released beds was amazing! But not everybody was 100% satisfied (<1%). They say in retail, you’ll never please everybody… but I want to challenge that.

We were told by a few that the larger beds (accommodating larger/heavier pets) could do with a slightly thicker/more filled base.

The first thing I thought when we started the transition to “Made in Britain” was…I could fix this base filling issue so easily now…so let’s do it…

We’ve sampled several new UK-supplied fill options against what we were supplying before. The difference is night and day. Our new fill is more resilient with better “bounce-back” properties meaning it will hold its shape better, for longer. Not only that, we’re adding 50% more fill to each bed meaning a fuller base and side cushion support for your pets!

To some, this may seem a small or insignificant change…but to us…it sets us miles apart from the competition.


fill material, stuffing, soft pet bed

 New UK supplied fill


When will they be available?

Anything you purchase from our website today will be based on our newest bed design. We’re re-working all current stock to incorporate the improved fill/base thickness.

Mocha beds are available in all sizes today. Grey/Light Grey is available in small only.

Medium, Large and X-Large Grey and Light Grey stock is now estimated to be available for UK delivery in August (pending confirmed dates). Re-stock quantities are relatively low until we get a full handle on our new “Made in Britain” range and so we’ve decided to open pre-orders now!


Thank you

Finally, I just want to thank every one of you that has supported us throughout the last year. Starting a business during a worldwide pandemic has been nothing short of chaos but in a way, it’s helped us grow and develop at speed.

Without you, we wouldn’t be here today.

We appreciate every sale, review, social media post like, comment, and share!

Also, thank you for getting this far in our blog post…I hope you're reading this with as much excitement as we are writing it!

If you still have any questions at all, please reach out to us via the contact us page, email (plushiepetbeds@gmail.com), or any of the social media messenger apps, we’ll be delighted to help!

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