#3 – How To Wash Your PPB Pet Bed In 3 Simple Steps

Whether you’re an owner of one of our PPB beds or just here to find out how easy our beds are to wash, this article contains everything you need to know.

How often you wash your pet bed is completely up to you but it’s good practice to have a regular routine wash established, maybe once a month for example.

Ad-hoc cleaning is always to be expected too. Perhaps your mucky dog has come back from playing in muddy puddles and straight into bed… maybe your puppy had a little accident during the night… or it just needs a freshen up?

Our aim is always to make washing your pet beds as easy as possible!

However…many pet bed suppliers and manufacturers don’t give it the thought! Customer convenience is one of our top priorities at PPB and we're continually reviewing feedback on what we can do to make our beds THE BEST!

If you’ve followed the PPB journey from day 1, you’ll already know we quickly prioritized the need for zip removable covers. Sure, the non-removable cover version (which a lot of competitors still offer) could be washed as a complete unit…but it just isn’t practical and means every time you wash the bed, all the internal filling gets soaked, taking ages to dry (not forgetting the struggle some have fitting the larger beds in their washing machines with all the filling too (imagine trying to wash your whole bed duvet because you couldn’t just take the cover off).

Just follow these 3 simple steps below to have your pets bed looking and feeling as good as new…

Step 1 – Remove the covers

removable pet bed cover


As mentioned, our latest range comes with 2 zips allowing the internal cushions to be removed with ease. There’s a zip on the base which allows ease of access to the base cushion and there’s also a zip that goes around half the circumference of the bed that gives access to the side cushion (the donut part).

Once dis-assembled, you’ll then have 3 parts – the plush cover (for washing), the long side cushion and the circular base cushion.

More often than not you’ll just want to give the cover a clean, but if there has been an accident that requires deeper cleaning, the cushion inserts can also be washed in the same way. Always remove the cover from the cushions for more thorough cleaning.

Before taking any covers off though, we always take the bed outside for a shakedown first to remove any loose dirt and hairs (or hidden toys!).

Step 2 – Cleaning Instructions

pet bed cleaning washing


Warm hand wash or low temp (30 degree), gentle machine wash, either works well.

A pet friendly washing detergent can be used to eliminate any odours, kill any nasty bugs and give the cover a real deep clean. It’s always important to check it’s pet friendly as to not irritate or harm your pets skin (you can find a number of well known brands simply by searching Google).

If there is a more stubborn stain or mark on the bed, a small amount of stain remover can be applied directly to the stained area of the bed before washing.

Always wash your pet bed covers separately to normal clothes loads.


Step 3 - Drying

How you dry the beds is key to how they look and feel when finished.

If you want your pets bed looking and feeling as plush and fluffy as new, we advise tumble drying or alternatively, what Chris does for the perfectionist finish, hair drying it!

Air drying (in a well ventilated area or outside) is another option that’s completely fine but we’ve found hot drying works best for getting the most fluffy finish.

If you find that some of the fibres have matted or clumped together, you can try a spot of fabric softner and a fine bristle comb to loosen.

Once the cover is completely dry, re-insert the internal side and base cushions and let the pet see the bed!


As good as new!

plush luxury dog bed donut fluffy anti anxiety

I hope you’ve found the above helpful!

So what are you waiting for, give your pet the ultimate treat and give their beds a freshen up today!

We’d love to hear all your PPB pet bed washing experiences, tips or tricks below too!

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