#5 - The 5 Features that Separate Plushie Pet Beds From the Rest

What Features Do Plushie Pet Beds Have That Others Don’t?

The best part about owning a pet bed is that it makes the little one feel like they are at home. It also provides them with a safe and comfortable space to sleep in.

Plushie Pet Beds are designed to give the pets all the comfort they need. They offer features that others don't, which is why they make for the perfect pet beds. Here are some of the features that really make us stand out:

  • Made in Britain
    • One of our most unique features from our competitors is that all of our beds are made in the UK. We are a small team, based in Scotland, that currently makes each bed to order. Every bed is made with the upmost care and thoroughly inspected for any flaws before shipping. We take enormous pride in the quality of the products we make at Plushie Pet Beds.

  • Internal cushions are made with UK-sourced, high quality fill material
    • Each cushion is hand-stuffed in the UK with high quality carded polyester filling which comes with great bounce back properties. We trialled and tested many materials looking for the best filling that will stay plump, full and hold its shape for the lifetime of the pet bed. We never skimp on the amount of filling used in each cushion as an extra padded base and side will always give the most support and comfort to the pets.
  • Zip removable covers
    • All of our beds come with zip-removable covers which can be very easily removed for washing or changing. There’s no struggle trying to fit your entire pet bed (including the internal cushions) into the washing machine or having to hand-wash it in the bath. We offer cover-only options on our website too so that you can add a spare/replacement or different colour cover to suit.

  • High quality, super soft and durable faux-fur covers
    • Our pet bed covers are manufactured to the highest quality with every seam and stitch made and checked with the greatest care. All beds are finished to a very professional level giving them that extra luxury look and feel.

  • Exceptional and personal customer service
    • We are always easily contactable. We have a live chat function on our website, contact pages, social media messaging and email. There’s a way to reach us no matter what and we’ll always make it our priority to help you as quickly as we can. We strive to give you the best and most seamless experience from order enquiry to after-sales service.


Why Should You Look For These Features in a Pet Beds Brand?

If you’ve followed our journey from the very start, back in March 2020, you’ll recall our beds weren’t always as good as they are today.

We’ve sold thousands of pet beds since we first opened our online “doors” and taken every single piece of feedback (good and bad) on-board. We’ve developed our beds to fix and improve every aspect of them - we’re now on revision #3.

Our focus and determination is to be the very best – no matter what. We obsess over customer satisfaction and have only had positive reviews since the release of our latest revision.

We decided that to add as much value as possible to the beds we had to start making the beds in the UK, upgrading the stuffing and fill weights and ensuring only the best and most durable materials are sourced and used.

We’re often compared to lookalike products found in bargain supermarkets or Amazon, but they don’t have any of the additional features (listed above) that we’ve developed and perfected over the years – this is where the real value of Plushie Pet Beds lies.

Don’t just take our word though – check out our latest real customer reviews here.


What to Consider When Shopping For a Great Value and High Quality Pet Bed.

A good quality pet bed is one that can withstand the daily grind of a busy household. It's worth considering the materials that go into the cover, as well as how easy it is to take care of.

To make sure you're buying a high-quality item, look for words like "Made in Britain" and "UK sourced materials." You also want to make sure there are zip removable covers so you can wash them easier.

High quality products are often more expensive but always make sure you do your research to understand all the features offered and whether they will benefit you. A great value product isn’t necessarily the cheapest, value comes in the durability, additional features and overall customer satisfaction.


At Plushie Pet Beds, We Promise To Deliver The Best Pet Bed For Your Pet!

We specialize in manufacturing top quality pet beds, giving our customers the best value possible. We never compromise on the quality and we will always deliver the best pet bed for your pet.

For more information on our beds, check out the product detail pages here.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us here.

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