The Plushie Journey


It all started out as a simple idea...

I'm Chris, founder and owner of Plushie Pet Beds as you see it here today. My inspiration for this journey was Bella, our 3 year old mix-breed (Lab / Collie). You might spot her around the website as she makes a fine model (and accepts doggy biscuit payments!). Through the trials and tribulations of our 3 year relationship, it finally clicked with me what she needed from a pet bed. Comfort and security.  

So simple right?

But something many pet bed manufactures struggled to get right. With a shortfall of UK supplied pet beds that had all the ingredients to fulfill the much needed comfort and security attributes I decided to try one we'd seen online from overseas. It arrived and was perfect. It's a shame I can't translate Bella's testimonial into words but it's fair to say she was very happy with it from day one. I couldn't keep this discovery all to myself however and this is where Plushie Pet Beds was born. 

As a complete business newbie (having never done anything like this before) I opted to start selling these pet beds directly from an international supplier. Within a matter of months the Plushie Pet Beds were selling like hot cakes! I enlisted the help of my partner, family and friends who have all chipped in making it the success it is today. As we worked hard over the following months we received lots of customer feedback (some very good, some not so good). The majority of constructive feedback was unfortunately out-with our control with all orders shipping directly from our supplier. We knew it had to change. We strive to provide our customers, who put their trust in us, with only the best quality pet beds in the UK.

This was the pivot point for us. We knew what we had to do but also knew it would mean flipping the existing business model on it's head and starting again. An important life lesson I picked up on is that sometimes you need to take a step backwards to take a leap forwards. With this in mind there was no looking back...

We made the transition and now operate directly from our premises in Scotland (UK) giving us back full control of delivery times, stocking, bed quality and most importantly - DESIGN. Our new Luxe Plush pet bed range is where it really begins for us now. This range has the magic sauce taking the original beds to the next level. We've added our own branding, removable zip covers, fast UK delivery and thicker, more plush materials.

Taking us to where we are today and hoping you can join us to continue the journey as we start the next chapter! I hope that gives you some sort of insight into our business and how we've got to the point we are today. We're so excited for what's to come and can't wait to share this journey with you and your fur babies along the way!



We want to use our platform and sales to benefit pets that really need our help the most. From November 2020 we will support PDSA as our chosen charity over the next 12 months. PDSA offers free and low cost veterinary care to poorly pets in need.

We have pledged to donate £1 for every pet bed sold!

You can also help us in our fundraising efforts by adding a donation at the checkout page. All donations are registered and transferred directly via "Work for Good". If you would like to learn more about PDSA, please visit their website at



Our Mission Statement
"To calm the world's pet population against the natural anxiety and stresses of everyday life"
Chris, Founder and Owner